Are you a property owner who needs help securing funding quickly? Then a caveat loan might be right for you. A Caveat Loan gives individuals the means to secure a short-term loan quickly while still retaining their existing mortgage. It’s one of the fastest loans to arrange and settle. Predominantly it’s at a higher interest rate, but it’s over a shorter borrowing term and depending on why you want it, it can be a great alternative to traditional finance.

A Caveat Loan is a loan secured against property you own, without an actual mortgage, it has a ‘caveat’ instead.
A ‘caveat’ is a legal notice placed on the title of your property that means the property can’t be sold without the permission of the caveat lodger.
It’s a useful option for those who have need for finance in a hurry, who either own outright or have equity in their property. You can use the equity from your property to your advantage and free up your money to work harder for you.

Borrowers often use caveat loans for:
1. Purchasing stock
2. Purchasing real estate
3. Large business purchases to grow your business
4. Office fit outs/construction/property improvement
5. Freeing yourself by consolidating debts
6. Steadying cash flow

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