It’s as easy as 7 steps!

Let’s take the ‘MIS’ out of misunderstanding. At Your Finance Angels, we know you want to be understood and we know the importance of obtaining a clear understanding of how finance works for you. We’ll help guide you through the jargon and look forward to helping you chase after your goals.

In 7 easy steps, we can get you on the right path to making the most of your financial future.

Step 1 – Initial contact.
We love to hear from our customers. We’ll explore with you your current financial situation and encourage you to share what you’d like to achieve. This is where you get to share hopes, dreams and goals!

Step 2 – Reality Check.
We’ve heard about the goals, here’s where we gear up to give them a shot. We now have a detailed look at your present situation.

Step 3 – Option Evaluation.
We will do some research on your behalf keeping in mind both your current situation and your future plans. This is where we will find out what can be achieved now vs what you can plot a path for later on.

Step 4 – Application time.
Your Finance Angels will complete the application and the compliance documents and email them to you.

Step 5 – Lodge and Collaborate.
We’ll let you know if the lender needs any more documents as well as give you regular status updates so you’re never left in the dark.

Step 6 – Settlement Preparation. 
We’ll make sure you’re all set to head to settlement. Your Finance Angels will also assist you to organise Building /Landlords Insurance to make sure you’re protected.

Step 7 – Settlement Over. 
Handshakes all around, champagne, smiles! Cheers to you and your new purchase!


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