• December 2020

    What a year it’s been!! I for one am glad we’re at the end of one of the most … stuck for words here … let’s say interesting years; certainly one out of the bag that no-one could have predicted at the start of the year.
    Some of the photos that were taken when the whole world shut down were incredible to say the least.
    I was at a function last night with peop[e I usually have breakfast with every week and it’s the first time I’ve seen most of them in person since March!! We were all so happy and grateful that we were able to reconnect in person after such a long time.
    I’m hoping you’re getting to connect with those you love and know in the same way.
    It might be (almost) Christmas, but there’s still plenty of big news:
    • Rents surge in smaller capital cities
    • Govt extends HomeBuilder by 3 months
    • Property prices keep rising
    • Beware of online shopping scams

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  • November 2020

    I hope you’re well. It’s been yet another interesting month in the VERY strange year that’s been 2020, with SA going into lockdown .. albeit for a few days … and us here in Vic coming out of Lockdown … it’s so wonderful to be able to go for my daily walk without a mask and last night I actually went out for dinner with friends!
    I do hope you find these four stories that’ve been generating a lot of buzz over the past month both interesting and useful:
    • Record-low rates drive borrowing bonanza
    • Buy-now-pay-later causing problems
    • Local first home buyer data released
    • Aussies building world’s biggest homes
  • October 2020

    OMG if you’re here in Vic like I am, you’ll have heard the news by now that the restrictions are lifting!!! SUCH a relief! I so hope that you and your family have managed to survive this very trying time.
    Now that the restrictions are lifting here, I’m hoping that the border restrictions will lift so that my family here in Melbourne and I get to travel back to SA to be with our extended family for Christmas … what do you think my chances are 🙂 … love to know what you think.
    And on top of that, there’s been some massive property news over the past month:
    • Loyal borrowers paying more interest
    • Buyers showing confidence in the market
    • ScoMo making borrowing easier
    • Govt showing love to first home buyers

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  • September 2020

    Well another month has passed us by, they seem to be flying along even though we’re in lockdown here in Melbourne!
    I’m really looking forward to having the restrictions lift, as I think we all are. One of the things that’s making life more tolerable is the wonderful sunshine we’re having.
    Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing my daughters here in Melbourne and … fingers crossed to be able to travel back to SA and visit my family there … all my little people (grandchildren and great nieces and nephews) will have grown so much!! … and ofcourse the bigger people are important too 🙂
    Here are four big property and finance stories that are making news right now:
    • Aussies eyeing up regional move
    • National credit card debt falls to 14-year low
    • Most home owners well-placed to pay off their loan
    • Banks about to start un-pausing mortgages
  • August 2020

    Well yet another month has passed us by and we’re we’re almost into Spring!! Personally, I LOVE the warmer weather, there’s something about sunshine that makes the day seem cheerier!
    Hopefully our lockdown will end soon. Fingers crossed!
    Here’s another 4 interesting property and finance stories that are making news:
    • Banks showing the love to property investors
    • More homeowners selling their properties
    • Millennials keen to enter the market
    • Landlords gaining the upper hand

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  • July 2020

    Well we’ve certainly had a month this month, with a new round of lockdowns and now mandatory mask wearing in Victoria, things have definitely been … different … to say the least.
    And as you can probably imagine, it’s been really interesting in the finance world as a result … pretty much an understatement really. I had a Relationship Manager from one of my lenders tell me the other day she was having trouble keeping up with all the changes because they were coming in daily at times. I’m thinking .. and you’ve only got one lot of credit policy to deal with 🙂
    Anyhow, it certainly keeps life interesting. This month, I’ve got four stories for you:
    • Which has higher yields – houses or units?
    • Switching lenders has never been more popular
    • $25k grant stimulates demand for new homes
    • Banks extend mortgage holiday

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  • June 2020

    Can you believe it, we’re almost at the end of another Financial Year!! In some ways it feels like we’ve only just come back from Christmas. It’s been an incredible year, so much has happened.
    Surprisingly enough, as we countdown the last days of the financial year, there’s been some positive news for buyers, homeowners and business owners.
    • Property investors receive encouraging news
    • First home buyers given new financial year gift
    • Property market gets $1.5bn boost
    • Government extends $150k asset scheme
  • May Newsletter

    I hope life has treated you well over the last month, it’s been pretty unreal times one way or another and there’s news aplenty as Australia gradually returns to normal:
    • Research shows property keeps bouncing back
    • Time running out for immediate business tax break
    • Home owners turning repayments back on
    • Taxes just got simpler for WFH Aussies
  • April Newsletter

    If you’re in need of a chat about your home loan, then I invite you to get in touch, I’m always up for a chat and I’ve got the means of doing virtual meetings where we can ‘see’ each other.
    Things are starting to settle down in the home loans industry and there’s a clearer picture about opportunities and trends in the market. Here’s 4 things I’m noticing:
    • Refinancing surges as rates tumble.
    • At-home Aussies embracing renos.
    • ATO warns investors about tax claims.
    • Investors turning from units to houses.

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  • HomeBuilder Grant

    You may’ve heard about the new Government Homebuilder Stimulus package and wondering if you could benefit?
    In our latest update, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions. If this is something you’d like to discuss further, I invite you to get in touch with us as soon as you can.